How can i help you


Emo Genetics

With the help of my pendulum I make contact with your subconscious and the superconscious

to detect the rooth cause of your blockages and illnesses.

Once it reveals itself we release the blockage.

It is an effective and eye opening practice.

Energetical Healing

Healing energy is there to lighten you with love energy and to recalibrate you to universal intelligence.

Source energy flows to earth and radiates true my hands to unlock and recharge your energysystem. 

Healing uses universal energy that flows through all things at all times

and as a gentle technique is safe for anyone at any stage to bring the

body, mind and spirit back to its natural state of harmany and can:

* heal underlaying energy imbalance:

   which pushes away pain, illnesses & injuries and strenghtening the immune system

* make you cry from happiness &  brings joy-balance to your life.

   which eliminates stress, anxiety and negative emotions

   such as depression, fears, grief, etc.

   helps handling life changes (divorce, job loss, illness, end of life issues, bereavement)

* heal your aura and open your chacras

   which attunes you to your intuition and self confidence.

* fill you with contentment and a sense of deep understanding and inner peace.

* promotes relaxation (also plants and pets love it) and sleep.

Reiki (Ray-Kee) is powerful is a healing energy method which comes from Reiki founder master Mikao Usui.

He develepod his technique on mout Kurama in Japan.


Reiki is also known as "KI" in Japan, "CHI" in China, and "PRANA SHAKTI" in India.

Over 800 hospitals across the United States offer Reiki to their patients. Among these are:

  • Yale- New Haven Hospital
  • Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Institute
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. 

 Aura and chakra reading

Your path will be revealed during the reading.

The chakra life wheels tell how you relate and feel connected to the world.


Crown:           I understand    spirituality, consciousness, inspiration                     

Third Eye:       I see           intuition, imagination, vision, aware, dream, think           

Throat:          I speak         communication, honesty, expression                            

Heart:           I love          love, healing,emotions, relationships                    

Solar Plexus:    I do & act      will, power, confidence, empower, achieve                   

Sacral:          I feel          creativity, sexuality, desires                                

Base:            I am            grounding, security, manifesting, anchor                       


purple, clear white  

indigo & dark bleu   

light blue               

green & pink             

gold & yellow             


red, brown, silver      

Your aura shines over the world. It are the  outer layers wich give info over how the outer world conceaves you.

A past life might be revealed.