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Regression & Reincarnation therapy

Regression will help you to make your magical journey to the hidden knowledge of your soul. Travel, experience or see your past live in another time and space.

It will help you to regain your lost energy, to reduce physical pains and

to liberate you from your emotional blockages in a trance experience.

Some of these experiences are pushed away by the conscious mind, as a form of protection, to our sub conscious in order to decline the emotional feeling. 

In this way it helps us to stay functioning in our dayly live, connected to its existing believe systems.  

When those feelings are neglected for a period of time, they manifest itself as symptoms of anxiety:

* kinethetic :    headache, cancer, tumor and other symptoms.

* psychosomatic : fear, panic, relation problems, social disorder, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, addiction, sadness,    


In a therapeutical surrounding you are capable to:

* look for the cause.

* releave the root trauma by reliving it full conscious and in safety.

* express unresolved emotions and to recollect soulfragments.

* understand the lessons.

* forgive one self having hold on to this pain for so long.

The therapy releases the energetical pain that attaches to the soul. 

It wil free yourself from old constraining believe systems, conclusions, generalisations created in a situation in which you were not in your own power to take better decisions.


Hypnosis calms your mind and brings you into diep inner trance.

It is a freeing spiritual practice which reconnects you to your true inner being.

Introspective Hypnosis

Introspective Hypnosis was created by Aurelio Mejia. Antonio Sangio is a certified instructor of this technique.

It is a method that combines different techniques, such as forgiveness therapy, role change, Ericksonian hypnosis, past live regressions and soul assistance, also known as soul releacement.


Wisdom exploration creates the possibility to: 

* reconnect to your higher consciousness.

* communicate with your inner wisdom:

it makes it possible to see with new eyes and clarity which direction you want to go. You can, for the first time, see the things which bring you forward in life.

* heal the soul on the highest levels possible.

* meet your guides, light beings.

* open the quantum feeld of cosmic consciousness.


Scanning can help clense your boddy and energyboddy from:

* energy forms from within.

* energy inplants from without.

* soul attachments form deceased souls that are lost on there way to evolution. They are assisted to the light in a loving, respectfull and affective way true forgiveness work.   

After releasement of all these aspects you will be refilled with loving energy: it can be a balsem of light, healing sounds, fragrants of flowers,...


Scripts will help you to reprogram your mind. It can help you to improve your life and lead you to your personal goals.  

There are scripts applicabal for all sorts of:

* Phobias: fear of public speaking, spiders, darkness,...

* Conditions.